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Our Services


Individualized communication coaching sessions help others improve their communication and strengthen their ability to express themselves easefully in their personal and professional lives. I work with you to identify communication challenges and teach you techniques to overcome them.


Corporate communication coaching sessions are designed to help organizations improve their communication skills. We work with teams to identify communication challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.


My voice therapy program is designed to help individuals who want to improve their speaking voice, whether it's due to a medical condition or personal preference. I have extensive experience providing voice therapy for a variety of different voice problems and difficulties, and provide evidence-based and comprehensive voice therapy to help you access your best possible voice. 


I work with transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals to help them learn how to access and utilize a voice that is congruent with their gender identity. I have extensive experience doing this work, and love helping others express their most authentic selves. 


Evaluations are designed to assess speech, voice, and language abilities in individuals of all ages. We provide comprehensive evaluations and recommendations for therapy or other services as needed.

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